REC Albania, in cooperation with the EDEN Center and Milieukontakt Albania is organizing a national forum in the conclusion of the respective projects “Horizon to EU Accession – engaging active citizenship and civil society in environmental policy and HELP-CSO Horizontal Enforcement Legislation Promotion-CSO”, developed within the framework of ACHIEVE Project, implemented by REC Albania, within the financial support of the European Union.

These projects aimed at strengthening the role and capacities of Environmental Civil Society Organizations in the process of being involved in the monitoring and promoting enforcement of horizontal legislation specifically of the Law 146/2014 on Public Notification and Consultation, the Law 10440/2011 on Environmental Impact Assessment and Law 91/2013 on Strategic Environmental Assessment. In order to achieve this, EDEN and Milieukontakt Albania in cooperation with local ECSOs and experts have developed policies and studies with findings, proposals and recommendations concerning law implementation in practice aiming to support and improve the job of related public institutions, in the enforcement of existing horizontal legislation and full approximation.